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The blow molding is widely used in the milk bottle production. The plastic milk bottle is always on the leading role of the milk package market by the advantages of the low cost and breaking proof of the package.

Chemical Industry

Plastic chemical drum has the advantages of no seam, shock resistance, ageing resistance, light weight, no leakage, resistance to acid and alkali, long life and matching to the hygienic standard single-formed by PE

Daily Necessities

Commodity is also named as living supplies, which are the things people use daily and necessities of life ,is also household supplies, household food, household appliances and household electric appliance,such as nursing bottle, soap box, toy, cup, plastic flower and so on.

Lubricating Oil

Lubricating oil is a kind of liquid or semisolid lubricants used on cars or machinery devices to reduce friction, protect machines and machined parts, which makes effects of lubrication, auxiliary cooling, rust protection, cleaning, sealing and buffering.

Amusement Devices

Amusement devices are the carriers which are used for operation, and operated in the closed areas for visitors to enjoy themselves.

Transport Facilitiese

Products are widely used in urban transport, the army and the gates of important national agencies and the surrounding areas, pedestrian streets, highways, toll stations, airports, schools, banks, large clubs, parking lots and many other occasions.


Auto spare parts machining is the products composed of the auto spare parts machining units and served for auto spare parts machining.



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